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A real Greek Tragedy


After 17 hours of talks, an agreement has been reached where a €86bn bailout plan has been agreed to support Greece, a country on the verge of financial collapse. To pay off this debt (assuming there are no recessions and…

The days of the EU are numbered

Soon to be a resigned to the history books?

Looking back at the original intentions of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, the premise was to secure mutual economic benefits to neighboring countries and to strengthen allied defenses after two World Wars. All the countries needed rebuilding, yet there…

Nepal: A country in recovery


On April 25, the country suffered an earthquake of 7.8 and a major aftershock on May 12 measuring 7.3. Ancient temples and buildings in Durbar Square were reduced to rubble, villages in the Khumbu region (near Everest) no longer exist,…